TDF Consultants
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To become a world class single-window service provider offering a gamut of tailor fitted services varying across verticals as well as industries.



The phrase ‘Tour De Force’, in French, stands for a feat or display of strength, skill, or ingenuity signifying brilliance and Mastery in a field. Since its inception in 2016, the group has been evolving and diversifying its horizons. Currently, there are 3 brands under the group banner:


  • TDF Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • TDF Investments Pvt Ltd
  • P S Consultants

TDF Consultants and P S Consultants Pvt Ltd are functional in Corporate Finance and Management Consulting domain. Both have successfully accompanied various local as well as global clients in their establishment and expansion journeys.

Tour De Force (TDF) Investments Pvt Ltd is the latest venture of the group. Under the banner, the group has launched Investopia a new marketplace for the unlisted space. Investopia aspires to make its mark in the unlisted market by democratisation of the space and providing access to retail investors to participate in early stage opportunities and achieve massive value unlocking even for small ticket size investments.

Our Group Ventures

Findoc Investmart Pvt. Ltd

Stock Broking

Findoc Commodities Pvt. Ltd.

Commodities Trading

Findoc Finvest Pvt. Ltd.

Non Banking Financial Corporation

Findoc Capitalmart Pvt. Ltd

Wealth Management

Fortbel Telecom

Telecom Business

Leafberry Ads Pvt. Ltd

Out of Home Advertising

Hampton Homes

Real Estate

Findoc Sons

Electronics & Healthcare Devices Trading