15 Reasons to Date a Chemist

Chemists aren’t merely geeks in a lab. Most are very gorgeous geeks in a lab — and come up with great times!

Listed here are 15 reasons to date a chemist:

1. The puns. You should have fantastic “biochemistry.” Chemists have the ability to the “solutions” and great “figures.”

2. Chemists have actually brains. This body organ cannot be overrated.

3. The time can probably let you determine precisely why your cake dish keeps dropping flat. (The kitchen is really the lab of the house.)

4. Chemists value the main points.

5. Chemists love discovering — and discussing that interest for understanding. You should have your very own tour guide in the science heart.

6. Chemists never stop trying easily. They are ready to agree to many testing and try numerous techniques being satisfactorily resolve problematic.

7. Lab coats are pretty spiffy.

8. Chemists tend to be diligent. Countless their particular job is time intensive and repetitive.

9. Chemists are superb with young ones at parties, due to the marvels of dry ice and easy at-home presentations.

10. Chemists are constantly fascinated with exactly how situations work. Might start looking at average circumstances from an innovative new point of view.

11. Chemists focus well and have amazing attention spans. Away from the lab, you’re going to be offered his or her complete attention, as well.

12. Your time might be someone who wants to hold finding and enhancing. Aspiring to measurable progress is actually inspiring.

13. Chemists don’t allow bacteria affect their particular results. No reason to concern yourself with poor health right here.

14. Chemists are useful thinkers. If you should be asked out-by a chemist, he or she probably would like to date you — and it has currently put many thought engrossed.

15. Chemists like framework and balance. This can include healthy, loyal relationships.

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